Womanspace provides support to women who need identification such as a Birth Certificate, Alberta ID card or Drivers license by covering the cost of one identification per client. This can include identification for their children.

If you need to get your Alberta Health Care card it is free to replace it. Call 310-0000 and when prompted, dial 780-427-1432. They will mail you out a replacement card. 

With your Alberta Health Care card and a piece of mail with your name and address on it you can apply for your Alberta Birth Certificate. 

With your AB Health Care card and your Birth Certificate you can apply for an Alberta ID card. 

If you are applying for the new Indian Status Card (passport/status card), there is NO COST for the card, but they do require that you have a birth certificate (photocopies NOT permitted), a photo ID (photocopies NOT permitted) and one other piece of government identification (such as an AB Health Care card or Social Insurance Card).

This program is funded by individual donations. Donate today!